About Us


Hello brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus Christ.  Greetings in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  I am happy to introduce to you this unique company called Kenyan Christian Arts.

Kenyan Christian Arts is a company of talented Christian stone carvers from the village of Tabaka, Kenya.  Our little village is known world wide for it large deposits of soft underground metamorphic rock called soapstone or soaprock. 

The people of Tabaka have carved soapstone into usable home items for centuries.  The skills have been passed down from our ancestors from generation to generation as we express our love for Jesus through our art.

In 1998, Fred Anchao, C.E.O and founder of Kenyan Christian Arts, started a charity to help the less fortunate.  While still in high school, he brought together other Christian stone carving young men and women to start a company making unique Christian art to be sold locally and around the world.  The funds raised were used to help support children from the village so they could get a Christian education.  The idea of Kenyan Christian Arts was born and by the year 2000 we had a large catalog of unique samples of Christian art and were able to support to the school’s 34 orphaned children!  Since then we have never looked back.

We at Kenyan Christian Arts work with high standards of fair trade rules observations as we champion the spread of the Gospel and embrace the true teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ.  We pay the best wages to all brothers and sisters who work with us in all sectors.  We dedicate a percentage of every sale to the FreddEx International Foundation to help the poor and orphaned children from all over Western Kenya.

Thank you very much for your interest in our works and wanting to know more about us.  As you make your purchase, you can be assured that Your purchase will go along way in helping the people from Western Kenya to feed, medicate and educate . In Jesus name Amen.

The Lord be with you all!